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Los Angeles MRI - Starting at $200 Cash MRI

What We Offer:

Our philosophy is simple. Nationwide MRI offers an affordable solution for individuals in need of medical imaging services. We offer no hassle medical imaging services at a low cash price for a MRI scans. No matter if you're uninsured or what your insurance plan is, we as an organization pride ourselves on providing our patients with the best service at the best price. Nationwide MRI offers same day appointments and imaging results within 24 hours.

Why We Do It:

We understand the burden of the potentially high costs a patient may be faced with when in need of medical imaging services. This is why we offer individuals who may have no insurance, high deductibles, or co-insurance plans an affordable cash MRI solution. We believe affordable and quality health care services should be available to everyone in need.

Quality of Services:

Nationwide MRI facilities employ state board certified Radiologists. In addition, our facilities utilize state-of-the art imaging equipment to ensure you will receive the highest quality exam services.

Our Ethics:

Nationwide MRI as an organization believes in keeping jobs local and domestic. We are committed to contributing to the economic well being of our country and pride ourselves on keeping our imaging services domestic. Therefore, we never outsource our jobs outside of the U.S.

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For more information, contact us at (323) 486-7502 to set up an appointment today or use our finder to locate the nearest location closest to you.


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